23 Feb

The paranoia starts here…

So Mick pops into the cafe for a quick snack and to pass on the news that the car is struggling to start and refuses to run smoothly. The symptoms don’t sound good and it only gets worse when I go and give the key a turn.

The MGF is renowned for engine problems, this one has has a head gasket replacement a few years ago according to the history we have. They are also well known for electrical gremlins, could it be a simple problem that is holding it back. The symptoms were interesting, plant the throttle and the engine just bogs down, hold it down and it dies an almost instant death.

So we check the plugs which look OK and are new, the air filter and inlet tract which are certainly not blocked, mostly because half of it is missing, we put some fresh fuel in and order a fuel filter and then I remember that this car is old enough to have a distributor. Yup, the cap is showing signs of neglect and the rotor arm is not much better, a quick clean and it is almost as good as an old car can be.

New leads, rotor arm and distributor cap have now been fitted and all is good with the world.  In fact it may even be good enough to pass the MOT emissions test after some Italian tuning.